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Oogie Boogie's Song

"Oogie Boogie's Song" is from the soundtrack of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Music is by Danny Elfman.

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Oogie Boogie’s Song by Danny Elfman

Choreography by Clara and Victoria

Time Action Count

Dancers stand limp, facing each other but with heads down and arms by sides.

0.00 – 0.09
Hip drop for six counts (use hip facing audience). Circle hip to the back, up, around.
(you should have time to do the entire movement twice)
8 counts
0.09 – 0.12
cue at a soft music change
Look at audience while continuing the above hip movements twice more through.

0.13 – 0.17
Following right shoulder, turn completely around; end up facing the audience.
Funky rock-step.

FUNKY ROCK-STEP: rock weight forward while undulating, then step back, weight on other foot, completely the undulation. Point the toe on the foot with no weight.

Well, well, well…
Hips push R, L, R

What have we here?
Undulate up

Santy Klaws, huh?
Both arms reach high above head

Ooo, I’m really scared!

So you’re the one everybody’s talkin’ about, HA!
Pivot step forward, back, forward, back, and then PREP for next move.

PREP: outer arm towards audience, inner arm up (should look like an “L” shape)

You’re joking, you’re joking
Maya 2x while stepping back

I can't believe my eyes
Seaweed down half-way

You're joking me,
step out maya, body facing audience

you gotta be
step out again, body facing back

This can't be the right guy!
Undulate down

He's ancient
hip bump in

He's ugly
hip bump out

I don't know which is worse.
Turn following inner shoulder, facing audience, then hip bump inwards on 'worse'

I might just split a seam now if I don't die laughing first.
Dip with arms straight out facing other dancers in group

*If soloing, I suggest having arms face straight towards audience

Mr Oogie Boogie...
body facing audience, step outward to the side with maya; inner arm sliding across neck, outer arm straight up

...says there's trouble close at hand.
Quick side-to-sides (5x) in place.
Hips should alternate on each syllable:
  1. trou-
  2. -ble
  3. close
  4. at
  5. hand

You better pay attention now--
undulate upwards (body wave starting at hips) with a step forward

Cos I'm the Boogie Man.
Lean forward with shoulder and shoulder shimmy

And if you aren't shaking,
bounce-step back two times while shoulder shimmying

BOUNCE-STEP: With the foot that you are not putting weight on, you will push off from the floor and swing that foot behind the other foot. Do the same for the opposite. It looks just like hopping.

There's something very wrong.
Undulate down to your hips and hip shimmy

Cos this may be the last time--
Change places with other dancers.

*If soloing, just use this as a transitional spot

You hear the Boogie Song.

In group, have alternating dancers do mayas and snake arms.

*If soloing, choose one.

Have your dancers switch up and do the opposite.
(If one was doing snake arms in the last “Woah” have them do a maya for this one.)

*If soloing, do the other move. :)

Do a full body undulation with arms snaking forward

FULL BODY UNDULATION: as chest moves forward, the arms are brought up to shoulder height and roll forward. Arms fall as the undulation finishes in the abdominals.

He's the Oogie Boogie Man.
“Prance-step” closer to each other and forward. Dip knees down on “man” and pop back up instantly.

PRANCE-STEP: Walk on the balls of your feet. Kick your legs to the back while you walk and put a bounce in your step. It should look like you are walking in heels.

Well, if I'm feeling antsy and I've nothin' left to do
Undulate left 2x followed by a shoulder shimmy, and a left hip pop

I might just cook a special batch of snake-and-spider stew.
Undulate left 2x followed by a shoulder shimmy, and a left hip pop

And don't you know the one thing--
Large side-step undulations to the right (2x) with an exaggerated left leg kick to transition weight to other side.

--that would make it oh-so-nice?
Side-step undulation to the right (2x)

A roly-poly Santa Klaws to add a little spice.
Umi 3x
  1. Roly
  2. Poly
  3. Santa
Full body undulation up, right hand following the undulation then flaring out to audience on “spice.”

Half hip circle to the back, moving left

Half hip circle to the front, going right

Snake body away from each other

SNAKE BODY: dive head downward to hip level then come on right back up.

*If soloing, I suggest snake bodying in profile to audience or with back towards audience so they don't get any boob-action

He's the Oogie Boogie Man.
Fancy walk back to your respective places.

Release me now or you must face the dire consequences.
Pretend you are bored with Santy Klaws.

The children are expecting me so please come to your senses--HA!
Prep, then quick spin in spot, landing on “HA!”
(Weight should be on inner foot; when spinning you should be able to stop yourself with your outer foot)

You're joking!
Bump inner hip outwards

You're joking!
Bump outer hip outwards

I can't believe my ears!
Funky Step

Will someone shut this fell-a up,
Take 4 “hip” steps backwards, each hip accenting the hip bumps on:
  1. some
  2. shut
  3. fell
  4. up

I'm drowning in my tears.
Maya downwards, bending knees to make the movement appear larger.

It's funny--
Step out, facing front.

--I'm laughing.
Join feet back together.

You really are too much.
Point at your dancers—they really are too much!

*If soloing, interpret this short segment anyway you want. You could tell the audience they are too much, or tell yourself that you are too much. :)

And now--
Prep for a bow:
Leg straight out to the right, a pointed toe resting on the floor.

--with your permission--
Bring pointed toe (and leg, that is important too) to your front.
Bow on “permission.”

I am going to do my stuff.
Shoulder shimmy upward

Well what are you going to do?
Pause while Santa Klaws talks it up.

I'm gonna do the best I can.
Very FAST:
Hip tuck, release, tuck, chest pop, hip release, chest release, relax.

2.1 Jazz Sequence:

Slow turn to specific places
8 counts

Link up your arms and do a can-can 2x
8 counts

Ha! Yeah!
On each trumpet, have individual dancers or groups of dancers to a quick spin away from each other. Face left, planting feet apart.

Suggestion: It's kinda cute when you've got one pushing the other around.

*If soloing, treat each sound of the trumpet as a transitional spin to where ever you need to go.
8 counts
Mega hip shimmy, bringing audience hand down under hips, forward, and completely around behind you.

Kick on drums.

The rolling sound of dice is music in the air.
Undulate into a line-up.

Cos I'm a gambling boogie man, although I don't play fair.
Black Widow.

BLACK WIDOW: Inner arm straight up above head, outer arm bent in under your chin. Pretend you are in a square and your elbow is facing on if its corners. Hip bump 2x to where you elbow is pointing. Switch arms so that your outer arm is straight up and your inner arm is bent and under your chin. You should be facing (just turn your head) towards the opposite corner in the square. Hip bump 2x. Switch arms again, except this time turn your body so your hips and elbow are pointing at another corner in the square. Hip bump 2x. Switch it up one more time, facing the last corner in the square. Hip bump 2x.
8 count

It's much more fun, I must confess,
Undulate 2 ½ times.

When lives are on the line.
Step to the R, bringing R hand quickly across the neck on “lives;” and then miming yourself pulling a hang-rope upwards. As you pull the “rope” up, your head should fall to the side, as if broken., on “line.”

Not mine, of course
Stay, motioning self.

But yours, ol' boy.
Hop back, pointing toe that has no weight on it.
Point towards the audience as you hop back.

Now that'll be just fine.
Choo-choo back and plant your feet on “fine.”

CHOO-CHOO: Very small, close-together quick steps.

Release me fast or you will have to answer for this heinous act!
Casual left hip bounce.
8 Counts

Oh, brother,
Big step to the L, L arm reaching far
2 count
(1 - 2)

You're somethin'
Big step to R, R arm reaching far
2 count
(3 - 4)

You put me in a spin
Small turn in place
4 count

You aren't com-pre-hending
Undulate down

The po-si-tion
Hips bump L-R-L while bending knees a little further each time hip moves

Hips move L-R-L again while standing right back up to basic position

It's hopeless,
Left hand over forehead, palm outward, leaning back slightly.

(For hokey-kicks, you should mimic hopelessness)

You're finished,
Collapse upper torso by simply slouching unattractively forward; turn profile while collapsing.

You haven't got a prayer!
Funky Step while torso is still collapsed.

Cos I'm Mr. Oogie Boogie
Still in profile. Hips bump L-R-L.
  1. L on “Mr”
  2. R on “Oogie”
  3. L again on “Boogie”

And you
Point towards audience.

Ain't going Nowhere.
Turn with back towards audience, slowly making way back to an agreed point.

Hip shimmy.

Collapse completely, having arms even drop down as far as they can go.

I Put A Spell On You

"I Put A Spell On You" version by Natacha Atlas.
Performance by the Athens Clarke County Library's Young Adult department.
Summer 2009

To download this song, please click here.
This is an .m4a file, supported by iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, you may want to download it.

To download the choreography, click here.

Here is the SIMPLIFIED version of the choreography. This does NOT include time, beats, or break-downs in movement. The more in-depth copy of the choreography can be found in the download above.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

"I Put A Spell On You" by Natacha Atlas

Simplified Choreography
Intro 1:
Step Right, Left, Right (pause)
Left, Right, Left
Turn (to audience)
(Chest Pop) UP and DOWN
Turn back to audience
(Hip Bump) LEFT and RIGHT
Look back
Right Snake arm towards audience
(Prep) ARMS UP

Intro 2:
(Hip drop combo to Left) hip bump, bump, bump, DROP (4x)
(Rock-back combo) Right forward, left back, right back, left forward (3x FORWARD, RIGHT, LEFT)
Back to audience (Prep) CAMEL with arms up
Camel Left

Verse 1
“I put a spell on you”
Arms down behind head (while cameling left)
“because you’re mine”
Arms straight out to the sides (while cameling left)
“la la la”
Snake arms (while moving left)
“You better stop the things you do”
Large hip circle to front (no more cameling)
“I ain’t lyin’”
Pose with arms
“la la la lyin’ lyin’”
Snake arms above head, while looking up
“I can’t stand it when you’re running around, I can’t stand it when you put me—,”
Beledi (with arms still up) moving towards group in a circle
Dip quickly, arms in circle, then stand back up
“La la la”
Floret hands back towards body
Turn and face outwards of group
“Because you’re mine”
Deep undulation

Break 1:
Hip bump steps right, still in group circle (8x)
Sweep arms to right while turning around and facing the outher way
Hip bump steps left, still in group circle (8x)
Shoulder shimmy while moving in a “V” position
Group 1 dip & Group 2 wait
Group 2 dip & Group 1 rise
Group 1 begin pencil turn & Group 2 begin shoulder shimmying
Group 1 finish pencil turn & Group 2 rise and shoulder shimmy
Undulate left hip to the right (4x)
Exaggerated Switch
Undulate right hip to the left (4x)
Hip bump in individual circle
Maya while facing forward

Verse 2
“I put a spell on you”
Arms out
“because you’re mine”
Arms up
Bend down to the Right and touch toes
Bring right arm straight up
“la la la”
Hip shimmy, while other arm joins your first above your head
“you better stop the things you do”
Seaweed downward
Group 1 turn back towards audience while seaweeding downward
“I ain’t lyin’”
All stand up in basic position. Hold.
“I love you, but I held back; I love you anyhow
And I don’t care if you don’t want me I’m yours right now”
Group 1 angles Right hip towards audience with maya, Right arm extended towards audience doing a snake arm
Group 2 angles Left hip towards audience with maya, Left arm extended towards audience doing a snake arm
(Group 1 & 2 should be facing each other)
“I put a spell on you”
Chest circle
“because you’re mine”
Maya downward

Break 2
(Student Choreography)
Turn elegantly to the back, line up, and do your flourishing bows.
Follow the leader until the music is over