Monday, February 22, 2010

I Put A Spell On You

"I Put A Spell On You" version by Natacha Atlas.
Performance by the Athens Clarke County Library's Young Adult department.
Summer 2009

To download this song, please click here.
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To download the choreography, click here.

Here is the SIMPLIFIED version of the choreography. This does NOT include time, beats, or break-downs in movement. The more in-depth copy of the choreography can be found in the download above.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

"I Put A Spell On You" by Natacha Atlas

Simplified Choreography
Intro 1:
Step Right, Left, Right (pause)
Left, Right, Left
Turn (to audience)
(Chest Pop) UP and DOWN
Turn back to audience
(Hip Bump) LEFT and RIGHT
Look back
Right Snake arm towards audience
(Prep) ARMS UP

Intro 2:
(Hip drop combo to Left) hip bump, bump, bump, DROP (4x)
(Rock-back combo) Right forward, left back, right back, left forward (3x FORWARD, RIGHT, LEFT)
Back to audience (Prep) CAMEL with arms up
Camel Left

Verse 1
“I put a spell on you”
Arms down behind head (while cameling left)
“because you’re mine”
Arms straight out to the sides (while cameling left)
“la la la”
Snake arms (while moving left)
“You better stop the things you do”
Large hip circle to front (no more cameling)
“I ain’t lyin’”
Pose with arms
“la la la lyin’ lyin’”
Snake arms above head, while looking up
“I can’t stand it when you’re running around, I can’t stand it when you put me—,”
Beledi (with arms still up) moving towards group in a circle
Dip quickly, arms in circle, then stand back up
“La la la”
Floret hands back towards body
Turn and face outwards of group
“Because you’re mine”
Deep undulation

Break 1:
Hip bump steps right, still in group circle (8x)
Sweep arms to right while turning around and facing the outher way
Hip bump steps left, still in group circle (8x)
Shoulder shimmy while moving in a “V” position
Group 1 dip & Group 2 wait
Group 2 dip & Group 1 rise
Group 1 begin pencil turn & Group 2 begin shoulder shimmying
Group 1 finish pencil turn & Group 2 rise and shoulder shimmy
Undulate left hip to the right (4x)
Exaggerated Switch
Undulate right hip to the left (4x)
Hip bump in individual circle
Maya while facing forward

Verse 2
“I put a spell on you”
Arms out
“because you’re mine”
Arms up
Bend down to the Right and touch toes
Bring right arm straight up
“la la la”
Hip shimmy, while other arm joins your first above your head
“you better stop the things you do”
Seaweed downward
Group 1 turn back towards audience while seaweeding downward
“I ain’t lyin’”
All stand up in basic position. Hold.
“I love you, but I held back; I love you anyhow
And I don’t care if you don’t want me I’m yours right now”
Group 1 angles Right hip towards audience with maya, Right arm extended towards audience doing a snake arm
Group 2 angles Left hip towards audience with maya, Left arm extended towards audience doing a snake arm
(Group 1 & 2 should be facing each other)
“I put a spell on you”
Chest circle
“because you’re mine”
Maya downward

Break 2
(Student Choreography)
Turn elegantly to the back, line up, and do your flourishing bows.
Follow the leader until the music is over


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